Cloud networking — data centers without walls

The cloud architecture “Data Center Without Walls” is the combination of geographically distributed data centers able to function as an efficient shared resource pool to address any magnitude of workload demand from anywhere across that geography. [...]

Effective data center power management

As data center technologies evolve and energy prices soar, power consumption has become a driving force behind operational and investment decisions. A data center power management solution provides IT and facilities departments a holistic view of [...]

Cloud networking — cloud backbone

The cloud backbone is the network that connects all cloud provider data centers to one another, and to all of the client enterprise data centers. It begins and ends at the edge of each data center [...]

Cloud networking — performance on demand

Ciena solves the cloud backbone cost-at-scale problem by supporting Performance-on-Demand — fully automated and cloud-driven network service provisioning that applies assured network resources where and when they are needed.   [...]

Cloud networking — V-WAN Hypervisor

This document describes Ciena’s V-WAN Hypervisor and IT-WAN Orchestration Apps used to automatically control the allocation of shared network resources among data centers on behalf of cloud operations, where and when required, to deliver performance on [...]

A closer look at cloud-based disaster recovery solutions

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions cover the whole range of eventualities, from simply duplicating data by sending files to the cloud as a form of backup to creating a private link between a customer’s site and their [...]

Selecting and implementing the right cloud backup solution

The appeal of cloud backup is huge to SMBs with many keen to adopting it soon to solve their existing backup and recovery problems. Following these five practical guidelines to selecting and implementing the cloud backup [...]

New Diameter network: Over-the-top, clouds and machines

Escalating growth in third-party applications and services is radically transforming the competitive telecommunications landscape. Communication service providers once dominated the end-to-end service experience. Now, over-the-top, cloud and M2M providers are gaining commercial acceptance and upending traditional [...]