Locking down virtual IT and the dissolving perimeter

Security fears have gripped users who are exploring and investigating the potential of cloud computing and cloud services. It’s important to distinguish the two here before the security debate can really commence. [...]

New networks and communications for next-gen businesses

Expect telecoms providers to be much more relevant in the IT equation from now but it won’t be an easy ride. [...]

IBM guidance: Implementing cloud security

In addition to the usual challenges of developing secure IT systems, cloud computing presents an added level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party. The externalized aspect of outsourcing makes it [...]

New world order: Welcome to the cloud computing era

KPMG’s global head of IT advisory, Edge Zarrella, remarked recently that, “Cloud computing today is being driven not by IT leaders, or even the vendors, it’s the CEO and CFO.” Security, performance and reliability are issues, [...]

6 phases to migrate enterprise apps to the cloud

Most applications, data or IT assets within an organization can be moved to the cloud today with minimal effort. The step by step, phase-driven approach, shared high-level insights on how to identify ideal projects for migration, [...]

Cloud computing for business

In the case for an IT professional cloud computing could be to deliver a new app faster and on a lower budget; or maybe create a more dynamic and agile infrastructure, or the simple adage of [...]

Data center crunch: Big data, power issues, cloud computing

Checking under the hood of your data center begins with finding the answer to this fundamental question: Do I have an accurate asset inventory of my hardware and software? What do I own? How much of [...]

CEOs to CIOs: Make biz-ready cloud services a priority

Cloud computing and IT commoditization have finally given businesses easy access to technology and new features which in the past required an IT person to deliver. The IT department is no longer the gatekeeper to new [...]