July 10th, 2019

Etsy sellers aren’t happy with the platform pushing them to offer free shipping

Sellers are being told to include shipping price in their items, raising costs Etsy announced today that it will begin prioritizing items and shops that offer free shipping, and sellers aren’t thrilled. Starting July 30th, Etsy [...]

25 Million Android Devices Infected by ‘Agent Smith’ Malware

25 Million Android Devices Infected Malware researchers discovered a new malicious campaign for Android devices that replaces legitimate apps with tainted copies built to push advertisements or hijack valid ad events. Around 25 million devices have [...]

The Future of the Firewall is Not a Firewall

Firewalls and Access Control Firewalls have been with us since the late 1980s and they have become synonymous with access control. It is time to redefine that relationship because while access control will remain a need [...]

Protect Your Web Applications with a Firewall That Understands Your AWS Environment

Protect Your Web Applications with a Firewall MediaTemple & CloudTweaks Thought Leadership Brand Series As cloud computing moves closer and closer to the center of business operations, there are more threats than ever from malicious players [...]

Amazon customer helpline not required, says Europe’s top court in boost for e-commerce

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – U.S. online retailer Amazon (AMZN.O) does not have to provide a helpline phone number to consumers, Europe’s top court said on Wednesday in a ruling that could boost e-commerce merchants. Amazon found itself [...]

Data virtualization powers AI across a multicloud environment

You could say nearly every business is suffering from the Midas Curse of the modern era. No, everything we touch isn’t turning into gold—it’s turning into data. Just look around. Every exposed surface of your organization [...]