June 10th, 2019

Cisco Live US: Let’s Accelerate Outcomes at the IoT Edge

IoT’s potential to deliver significant value is clear. What’s often murkier: how to move from IoT pilots to large-scale deployments. IoT takes IT and operational leaders into uncharted territory as they extend the enterprise into warehouses, [...]

Amazon launches a credit card for the ‘underbanked’ with bad credit

Amazon is finding a way to get its rewards credit card in the hands of more people. The e-commerce giant partnered with publicly traded bank Synchrony Financial to launch “Amazon Credit Builder” — a program that lends to shoppers [...]

Generative by Design: How NVIDIA Quadro Is Transforming the Design Process for Engineers

Design professionals will soon be able to create better products faster than ever, thanks to advances in AI-driven generative design and real-time engineering simulation. Generative design software allows engineers to improve their product designs by generating [...]

Salesforce buying Tableau Software in $15.7B all-stock deal

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Customer-management software developer Salesforce is buying Tableau Software in an all-stock deal valued at $15.7 billion. Tableau uses self-service analytics to help people with any skill level work with data. Among the [...]

Russia will block VPN providers who don’t comply with a blacklist request

The news: Ten providers of virtual private network (VPN) servers have been told to connect to a national blacklist maintained by Russia’s telecoms and media regulator, Roskomnadzor. VPNs create a safe encrypted connection that makes it seem as [...]

Employees sour on Tesla amid cost-cutting, layoffs

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Tesla Inc’s rankings at two high-profile job websites have declined, suggesting that job dissatisfaction at the electric car company is intensifying amid layoffs, strategy shifts and executive turnover. Tesla placed 16th on [...]