June 7th, 2019

Europe’s 5G to cost $62 billion more if Chinese vendors banned: telcos

PARIS (Reuters) – A ban on buying telecoms equipment from Chinese firms would add about 55 billion euros ($62 billion) to the cost of 5G networks in Europe and delay the technology by about 18 months, [...]

Oracle Advances Safer, More Transparent Retail Supply Chain

Smarter software gives consumers peace of mind on the goods they buy and retailers the agility to resolve product issues quickly The retail industry is more complex than ever. Not only are consumers looking for high-quality [...]

The Endless Scourge of Malicious Email

There is no question that unwanted email is a source of annoyance. It is also the biggest source of cyber threats. In fact, just last month, spam accounted for 85 percent of all email sent. Plus, according [...]

5 Cybersecurity Trends Defining 2019

5 Cybersecurity Trends The cybersecurity industry continually evolves to meet changing needs and adopt new technologies. As such, it’s appropriate to take a look at annual trends. Here are five of them for 2019: 1. A [...]

Cathay Pacific’s unpatched decade-old vulnerability led to 2018 breach

The Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Stephen Kai-yi Wong released a report  on Thursday detailing his findings relating to the Cathay Pacific breach disclosed in October that affected 9.4 million people. In his report, Wong spelled out [...]