June 6th, 2019

Former HP boss Whitman says ‘not protecting herself’ in Autonomy fraud allegation

LONDON (Reuters) – Former Hewlett-Packard boss Meg Whitman denied on Thursday she was trying to protect her own reputation when she accused the leaders of Autonomy, the British software firm HP acquired in 2011, of a [...]

Amazon’s new drone may be just months away from dropping packages at your door

Whose heart has not sunk at when Amazon estimates delivering your package in a week, or even a couple of days? If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you may have grown habituated to two-day shipping. If you [...]

Apple reportedly exploring acqui-hire of self-driving startup Drive.ai

Apple is potentially seeking to acquire Silicon Valley autonomous driving startup Drive.ai, according to a new report from The Information. The report describes the acquisition as in process, and says it will be an ‘acqui-hire,’ which means it’s [...]

Securing the internet of things: Cisco announces intent to acquire Sentryo

When the term ‘The Internet of Things’ was first coined in the 90’s, it was used to describe a range of interconnected sensors gathering information about the real world. Today, as organizations digitize, they are connecting [...]

What is a data catalog and why you need one?

A data catalog organizes your information assets and empowers data citizens with business-ready data. Here’s a common scenario: Alex is working on a data analytics project for her retail company to better understand success of shoe [...]

China issues 5G licenses in timely boost for Huawei

SHANGHAI/HONG KONG (Reuters) – China granted 5G licenses to the country’s three major telecom operators and China Broadcasting Network Corp on Thursday, giving the go-ahead for full commercial deployment of the next-generation cellular network technology. The [...]

Updates in Maps and Search to help during times of crisis

SOS alerts help you quickly access authoritative, real-time information during times of crisis. Today, we’re improving SOS alerts by adding visual information about natural disasters and a new navigation warning system on Google Maps so you can [...]