June 4th, 2019

Firefox beefs up security and privacy, blocking third-party trackers, Facebook cookies and more

If you’ve never used the Firefox web browser before, Mozilla has promised you a soft landing: New users will not be tracked by default. On Tuesday, Mozilla promised that new users of the current Firefox 67.0.1 [...]

Evolution at the Edge

At Dell Technologies World this year, customers and journalists were curious about trends I am seeing in the marketplace and predictions for the future. I shared my views on the impact of 5G , how AI and IoT are continuing [...]

More Privacy Still Isn’t Privacy

The best measure of whether a company cares about privacy is what it does by default. Many apps and products are initially set up to be public: Instagram accounts are open to everyone until you lock [...]

New York’s Privacy Bill Is Even Bolder Than California’s

AS TECH GIANTS and lobbying groups race to defang California’s landmark consumer privacy law before it takes effect next year, lawmakers on the other side of the country are considering a bill that’s even more drastic. The New York Privacy Act, [...]

How DevOps Drives Analytics Operationalization and Monetization

I recently wrote a blog “Interweaving Design Thinking and Data Science to Unleash Economic Value of Data”  that discussed the power of interweaving Design Thinking and Data Science to make our analytic efforts more effective.  Our approach was validated [...]