May 16th, 2019

What Microsoft and Sony’s streaming partnership means for gaming’s future

In a rare move, console rivals Microsoft and Sony announced a major collaboration on Thursday to join forces on a potentially huge new gaming sector: the cloud. The companies announced today that they have entered into [...]

2018-19 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report: Creating Value through Transparency

In the two decades that Intel has been releasing environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, the CSR reporting landscape has changed dramatically. Once a topic reserved for specialists, today 85% of S&P 500 companies1 regularly [...]

After Three Consecutive Years of Growth, IDC Forecasts Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue to Decline by 7.2% in 2019

After three consecutive years of growth, with year-over-year growth of 13.2% in 2018, the latest update to the IDC Semiconductor Applications Forecaster (SAF) forecasts that worldwide semiconductor revenue will decline to $440 billion in 2019, down [...]

Reviewing Forrester’s 2019 New Tech Predictions — How’d We Do So Far?

Back in November, Forrester outlined its 2019 predictions for a set of hot emerging technologies. We identified which markets were likely to command big investments in the new year and even predicted that GE would turn [...]

Bank-card-slurping malware sneaks into Forbes’ mag subscription website

Dead-tree devotees who recently signed up may want to check their statements The Magecart credit-card-skimming malware that is the bane of internet shoppers has been spotted again, this time on the Forbes magazine subscription website.… Read [...]

AWS IoT Analytics Now Supports Data Set Content Delivery to Amazon S3

You can now send IoT Analytics data set content results, which are materialized views of your IoT Analytics data, to an Amazon S3 bucket in your AWS account. This lets you easily use it with a [...]

Why security needs to be involved early during mergers and acquisitions

As an industry that is now largely dependent on online services to survive, security should be a key part of every media outlet’s business strategy. A disruption to service or a compromise of customers’ information could [...]

Huawei poses security threat to UK, says former MI6 chief

Report calling for 5G ban in UK comes as Netherlands said to be investigating Huawei espionage Huawei should be completely banned from supplying 5G mobile networks in the UK because its operations are “subject to influence [...]