May 15th, 2019

The dark side of technology is back in first Black Mirror S5 trailer

The first trailer for the highly anticipated fifth season of the Netflix sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror is finally here, and it looks to be as edgy, darkly satiric, and thought-provoking as ever. For the uninitiated, [...]

SAP Raises Dividend to €1.50 – New Supervisory Board Elected; Half of SAP Supervisory Board Members are Now Women

MANNHEIM, Germany — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced that shareholders approved all agenda items proposed by management at the company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. For fiscal 2018, SAP shareholders will receive a dividend of €1.50 per share [...]

Alibaba returns to growth with revenue up 51% to $13.9 billion

It’s business as usual for Alibaba after the Chinese e-commerce giant bounced back from a lackluster Q3 — which saw its slowest growth for three years. For Q4, the company saw revenue surge 51 percent year-on-year to reach 93.5 [...]

Digital Supply Chain: Connecting the Dots of Design to Operate SCM Processes

The supply chain of today is governed by the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and businesses operating in between. Not only has the concept of a supply chain progressed by leaps and bounds during the last decade or [...]

By 2038, the world will buy more passenger electric vehicles than fossil-fuel cars

Car makers are busy electrifying their vehicles, but they’ll still have to wait as much as two decades before consumers buy more electric cars than conventional fossil-fuel ones. Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the media company’s research [...]

How Microsoft builds empathy between its security and development teams

How would you describe the relationship between your organization’s security and development teams? Chances are, you’d use words like “tense” or “distrustful.” That’s because the two groups often feel they are working at cross-purposes and getting [...]

Demystifying artificial intelligence’s role in contact centers

AI is shaping the future of customer experiences and the contact center Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a lot of excitement and there are good reasons for this. According to Forbes, 50% of IT professionals believe [...]

San Francisco votes to ban city use of facial recognition technology

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – San Francisco officials on Tuesday voted 8 to 1 to ban the purchase and use of facial recognition technology by city personnel, in a move to regulate tools that local Silicon Valley [...]