May 9th, 2019

Facebook co-founder calls for company to break up over ‘unprecedented’ power

Chris Hughes wrote in the New York Times Facebook’s acquisition of rival platforms has given Zuckerberg ‘un-American’ control A co-founder of Facebook has called for the government to break-up the company, warning that Mark Zuckerberg’s power is “unprecedented and [...]

Intel CEO Commits to Lead Tech Inflections, Play Bigger Role in Customer Success, Focus on Profitability

Wall Street analysts gathered at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, California, today for the company’s 2019 Investor Meeting, which featured executive keynotes by Intel CEO Bob Swan and business unit leaders. Swan said demand for the [...]

Hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal

In a report published today, researchers at the threat-research company Advanced Intelligence (AdvIntel) revealed that a collective of Russian and English-speaking hackers are actively marketing the spoils of data breaches at three US-based antivirus software vendors. [...]

Amazon S3 Path Deprecation Plan – The Rest of the Story

Last week we made a fairly quiet (too quiet, in fact) announcement of our plan to slowly and carefully deprecate the path-based access model that is used to specify the address of an object in an [...]

NVIDIA and Red Hat Team to Accelerate Enterprise AI

For enterprises looking to get their GPU-accelerated AI and data science projects up and running more quickly, life just got easier. At Red Hat Summit today, NVIDIA and Red Hat introduced the combination of NVIDIA’s GPU-accelerated [...]

What should your company’s change password policy be?

Microsoft’s April 24 decision to remove the “Maximum Password Age” (forced expiration) default from Microsoft Windows has sparked a lot of discussion. The default (and recommended) maximum password age had been 45 to 60 days, depending [...]

How to Transform to Succeed in the Digital Economy

Succeed in the Digital Economy In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, companies must put digital technologies at the core of their operations. In order to avoid the same fate as companies like Sears or Yellow Cab, [...]

APIs and Our Dedication to Simplicity

Cisco Meraki API Launch at DevNet Create At Cisco Meraki we are dedicated to simplifying powerful technology to free passionate people to focus on their mission. For many groups, simplicity isn’t just about an intuitive user [...]