April 27th, 2019

A 360 View of the IoT Landscape Three Years Later

  The general IoT environment has transformed since I joined the Dell Technologies OEM & IoT team over three years ago. While many of my colleagues focus on specific vertical industries like manufacturing, telco or marine, my [...]

AI everywhere: Modern predictive analytics

Evolving from departmental, small-group AI projects to an enterprise data science platform can put your business on a path to significant competitive advantage. Those who don’t seize the opportunity risk falling behind the curve. But some [...]

Smoke Free

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Azure Tips and Tricks – Become more productive with Azure

Today, we’re pleased to re-introduce a web resource called “Azure Tips and Tricks” that helps existing developers using Azure learn something new within a couple of minutes. Since inception in 2017, the collection has grown to [...]

Rohrer Group: Cross-Border Data Insight

The regional health insurer isn’t connected to the new SAP system yet, but as soon as it is SAP S/4HANA Cloud will make data analysis easier for Rohrer Group’s accounting department — of that, head accountant Brigitte Walcher [...]

DynamoDBMapper now supports Amazon DynamoDB transactional API calls

DynamoDBMapper now supports Amazon DynamoDB transactional API calls, enabling developers who use DynamoDBMapper to simplify their code when making coordinated, all-or-nothing changes to multiple items both within and across DynamoDB tables. https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2019/04/dynamodbmapper-now-supports-amazon-dynamodb-transactional-api-calls/ Source Powered by WPeMatico [...]