April 25th, 2019

Why Healthy materials are key to Google’s new buildings

As a New Yorker, I’m struck by California’s  natural beauty. When I visit Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, I walk along the sidewalk and exclaim things like, “Is that wild sage?” (My coworkers find it amusing.)The [...]

B2B Brands Turn to Oracle Customer Experience Cloud to Meet the Evolving Demands of Buyers

B2B Brands Turn to Oracle Customer Experience Cloud to Meet the Evolving Demands of Buyers By Jeri Kelley, director of product strategy, Oracle Commerce Cloud—Apr 25, 2019 Source Powered by WPeMatico [...]

Trust is Not a Light Switch

We frequently get asked about our competitors and, more specifically, about the security implications of those competitors. Our response always consists of two facts. First, you don’t decide overnight to be… Source Powered by WPeMatico [...]

Data Curation: Weaving Raw Data into Business Gold

The Big Data craze caught fire with a provocative declaration that “Data is the New Oil”; that data will fuel the economic growth in the 21st century in much the same way that oil fueled the [...]

How Application Leaders Use Storytelling to Win Support for Digital Business

Are you feeling hard to find the support from business stakeholders to bring application and product portfolios into the digital era?We spoke to industry leaders and learn how they… Source Powered by WPeMatico [...]

Announcing the AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region

AWS is announcing the immediate availability of the new AWS Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region. The Hong Kong Region joins Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Beijing, Ningxia, Seoul, and Mumbai as the eighth active AWS Region in Asia [...]

Tesla's Musk 'sees merit' in capital raise, vows profit in third quarter after large loss

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk suggested on Wednesday a capital raise could be imminent, as the electric vehicle maker lost $700 million in the first quarter and predicted a return to profit in the third. [...]

Five Hot Button Cybersecurity Conversations that Dominated Cisco Live Melbourne

Last month, I attended our biggest-ever Cisco Live Melbourne that saw over 8,300 people registered. It was an action-packed week filled with partner and customer meetings, media engagements, analyst dialogues, and… Source Powered by WPeMatico [...]