March 27th, 2019

McDonald’s spent a reported $300 million to acquire an AI company

Can I get a side of AI with those fries? McDonald’s purchased Silicon Valley VC-backed AI company Dynamic Yield on Tuesday. The deal was reportedly for over $300 million, which would make it the fast-food giant’s largest [...]

AI, Automation & 5G ensuring the future of Industry 4.0

AI, Automation & 5G Industry 4.0 involves interconnecting all parts of a company and giving rise to effective automation resulting in a more intelligent organization. It is considered the fourth industrial revolution to the digitization phase [...]

House-hunting in Silicon Valley: tech’s newly rich fuel a spectacle of excess

As flamenco dancers and baristas help show off multimillion-dollar homes, there is no longer room for the middle class In Silicon Valley, an open house can be more than an open house. At a six-bedroom, seven-bath home [...]