February 6th, 2019

How to Get the Most Out of Your Enterprise Health Cloud

If you’re a healthcare CIO looking to implement patient-centric solutions, you likely know that means starting with a great digital experience. You’re not alone. Recent market data underscores just how important a patient-centric approach has become; interventional medical care is not [...]

What Do You Mean: Too Much Screen Time?

Too Much Screen Time? Oh the shame of it! Our children are turning into anti-social, myopic monsters because of their addiction to smartphones, tablets and laptops. Guess what? It is all BS. It seems that not [...]

Cisco Live 2019 Closes its Doors After a Highly Successful Week

It’s been a busy week! Cisco Live 2019 finally drew to a close last Friday after five days filled to the brim with technical presentations, workshops, networking events and more. For Service Providers, it was a rich opportunity [...]