March 9th, 2018

Yahoo Agrees $80m Securities Class Action Settlement

Yahoo has agreed to pay $80m to settle a class action suit filed by investors relating to data breaches affecting three billion customers. Several shareholders filed the suit in January 2017, alleging the internet giant broke federal [...]

Half of Ransomware Victims Didn’t Recover Their Data After Paying the Ransom

A massive survey of nearly 1,200 IT security practitioners and decision makers across 17 countries reveals that half the people who fell victim to ransomware infections last year were able to recover their files after paying [...]

Industrial IoT will reshape network requirements

Industrial IoT The hype around IoT may have been surpassed this year by breathless coverage of topics such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies, but there continue to be interesting developments in IoT related technology and services. [...]

Wall Street has never been so far behind on Netflix

(Reuters) – Netflix Inc’s (NFLX.O) 65 percent jump so far in 2018 has been so fast that Wall Street analysts earlier this week were as much as $60 behind the curve on a stock most say [...]