UC3 News — 21 February 2018

As a specialty wholesale distributor of audio and video peripheral equipment, Fontel Inc. announces the introduction of the Huddly GO HD PTZ USB Camera / Jabra Speak 710 Wireless Mic-Speaker Bundles to interest Integrators and Resellers in the U.S. These bundles are a unique Audio / Camera conferencing peripheral device solution that offer robust, high quality audio, as well as, high definition video, at an exceptional price point for endusers.   

The Huddly GO USB 3.0 HD is a compact, ultra-wide angle (150 degrees), digital pan/tilt/zoom, software-based collaboration camera. It is perfect for huddle rooms,medium-sized conference rooms, “stand-up” meetings in open collaborativespaces, livestreaming, and personal use on your own device. The Huddly GO camera is powered through the USB cable, so there is no need for a separate cable to a nearby powersource. It is intelligent, as each time the camera is used (the camera control software is opened) end users are notified if an upgrade to the camera is available from Huddly. Upgrades are downloadable and free of charge, and loaded directly to the camera through the internet. The Huddly GO camera is plug and play and has no moving parts, no buttons to push, and no remote control. It is also platform agnostic, so it is able to be used with virtually all non-proprietary UC Collaboration Communication Solutions, in the market today. The Huddly GO is available in laptop and room versions.

The Jabra Speak710 is a USB-powered speakerphone designed for professional and personal audio use. It offers high quality audio, in/out sound for conference calls and playing music. TheJabra Speak 710 is a unique audio device, offering a wireless option through an included dongle, an omni-directional microphone providing 360-degree coverage, 15 hours of battery life, and a HiFi grade speaker for crystal-clear conversation and music. Users can easily pair two devices, for greater room coverage. The Jabra Speak 710 is plug and play, upgradeable through software updates from Jabra, has a small compact design, and includes an integrated folding stand for extra flexibility. It is also platform agnostic, so it is able to be used with virtually all non-proprietary UC Collaboration Communication Solutions, in the market today, including a model that is Microsoft certified. The bundles include one or two Speak 710’s in UC or MS versions. 

“Fontel is very excited to bring this bundle to market as it offers an exceptional high quality audio /camera solution at a very affordable price point for end users, as well as, a uniquely positioned peripheral device solution for integrators and resellers” commented Kurt Mitchell, President and CEO of Fontel, Inc. “Given the positioning of these bundles, we believe it will present significant opportunities for integrators and resellers who sell into the UC Collaboration and Conferencing market.”

Fontel will only sell the Huddly GO HD PTZ USB Camera /Jabra Speak 710 Wireless Mic-Speaker Bundles through Authorized Integrators and Resellers. To apply to become an Authorized Integrator/Reseller of these bundles please visit: www.fontel.com.

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