UC3 News — 07 December 2017
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Verint Enhances Workforce Management With Artificial Intelligence Capabilities by Robbie Pleasant

Verint Systems Inc. has announced the addition of new automation and artificial intelligence capabilities to its Workforce Management (WFM) solution. With these new capabilities, users can use voice-controlled digital personal assistants, and automatically perform schedule-related tasks from their mobile devices.

Verint’s Workforce Management is part of its Workforce Optimization suite, and can now use its mobile application, WorkView, to provide improved automated schedule control. The solution provides automated approval of schedule changes, so employees can find available shifts, while the solution automatically approves swaps and picks-ups based on the business’s rules. It provides support across the customer journey on the devices users like to use, as its cross-platform functionality allows it to be used across iPhone and Android devices.

Additionally, the solution has features designed to improve employee engagement. It offers internal communities, employee surveys, and gamification features to help manage and improve performances while simultaneously helping organizations reach their goals.

With the addition of artificial intelligence-based user interface capabilities, third-party digital personal assistants can be used with Verint’s automated Workforce Management. The artificial assistants can communicate the structure of the work schedule, so they can tell when the employees need to be at work, provide info on their work content and manage their break times.

For more information, visit www.verint.com.


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