Opinions — 17 August 2014

“UC&C” is all the rage these days, as mobile end users with smartphones and tablets interact with each other and with automated online applications across location-independent organizational boundaries with various flavors of messaging and real-time voice and video connections. Of course, most people think this is all because of new online computer and communication technologies and mobile, multimodal endpoint devices. But, guess what? It really started before the establishment of the Internet and wireless mobility, when “interactive computing” was first developed for mainframe computers under the label of “computer time-sharing.”

I happened to be involved in that early time-sharing development, and even helped introduce real-time text messaging between remote (online) users who were sharing the same interactive online) applications. Today that capability is called “instant Messaging” and, if you ask anyone what “time sharing” is, they think it is “vacation ownership.!”

Anyway, my UC Strategies blog post back in October of 2011 about time-sharing, as a precursor to the Internet and email, caught the attention of a computer historian who contacted me to learn more of what we had done with communications in those early days of interactive computing. The result is this interesting contribution to the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing.Computing.

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So, see how what started out as a “blog” post, ended up as a historical document !

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