UC3 Vendors — 11 September 2012
Study: Decision-makers demanding collaboration in midmarket businesses
The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, unified communications and social media has driven the business need…


The survey found that approximately 45 percent of midmarket CEOs feel the need to create a more open business environment. Another 64 percent of respondents said they plan to focus on developing a more collaborative landscape for employees to make the decision-making process faster and more efficient.

“Rising complexity and escalating competition have also made partnering a core innovation strategy for many organizations,” the report said.” As midmarket businesses become more geographically diverse and interact with other organizations, the importance of sustaining a collaborative business culture will only continue to grow.”

The study also revealed that about 50 percent of midmarket CEOs believe collaboration will guide them down the path to innovation. In today’s business world, unified communications is one of the most highly collaborative systems available to companies. By leveraging unified communications, organizations can utilize instant messaging, VoIP systems, presence technologies and other solutions aimed to improve teamwork and interactions between colleagues, partners and clients.Unified communications also gives organizations the ability to leverage video conferencing, which is becoming more popular within the private sector.

According to a separate report by Frost & Sullivan, visual collaboration technologies are being more commonly deployed in the enterprise today in an effort to simulate a face-to-face interaction, which is widely seen as the most effective way to share information. In addition to enhancing communication in and outside the office, video conferencing can also drive down costs by eliminating the need for travel, as more advanced tools can connect individuals around the globe without experiencing problems.

“Overall, the greatest value that visual collaboration offers organizations is ease of use, the value received for the money spent and the reach it extends, as it can be used by a large number of people throughout the organization,” Frost & Sullivan research analyst Karolina Olszewska said.

As businesses continue to expand around the world, it will be increasingly important for decision-makers to implement innovative collaboration suites. By deploying unified communications, organizations may be able to meet increasing demands without excessively driving IT budgets.


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