UC3 News — 10 September 2012

The Lync marketing team continues to see the value of Public IM Connectivity (PIC) capabilities as a fundamental part of the Lync federation experience. With PIC, Lync users can connect to customers & partners and friends & family who are on public IM networks such as Windows Live, AOL, and Yahoo!. This is a great feature for our customers that do business with organizations not yet on Lync, allowing our customers to communicate across network boundaries.

As of January 2011, we have decided to discontinue Lync’s free 120-day Public IM Connectivity (PIC) trial due to low demand of PIC trials. In place of the trial, we encourage customers to sign-up for the free PIC service: https://pic.lync.com. At no cost, customers can still be provisioned for Windows Live and AOL with the free PIC service. However, to obtain PIC with Yahoo!, customers will need to purchase a PIC license.

Please see the PIC Provisioning Guide for eligibility details.

The Lync Team

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