UC3 Vendors — 11 September 2012
Customer Service Technologies - It's all about Innovation!
…And the discussion continues: I posed a key question in my last blog “Why does…

…And the discussion continues: I posed a key question in my last blog “Why does it (Customer Experience) matter? I spent this week with hundreds of customer experience professionals at the Forrester Customer Experience Forum in New York City. When we asked how many consider customer experience as a strategic initiative in their business, about half the crowd raised their hands.

The world is recognizing that a focus on Customer Experience is not only a trend, but a requirement. We are embarking on one of the most exciting times in this industry, and the potential opportunity it gives us for business improvement, process improvement and cost savings is incredibly significant. I heard one customer this week say they had, in fact, measured that a customer who has a positive experience spends 4.5 times more which, for this customer, means billions per year! What could it mean to your business? Revenue? Cost savings? Happier employees?

I also heard a few other key trends mentioned that many of these companies recognize: First, an experience should be easy, be personal, and meet the expectations of the customer. Second, each of these businesses recognizes they need their customers more than their customers need them. Third, doing Experience right means getting out there and truly understanding what your customers want – live in their shoes, ask them questions, observe, and most importantly LISTEN to what each of these activities tells you. And, last but by no means least, ensure you are measuring the right things to drive experience. For example, are you measuring how fast things happen, or how much revenue is being driven? Are you able to make use of those measures to positively impact future Experience?

I love listening to and learning from customers. Lately I keep hearing not only about the growing number of interaction channels and devices available, but also the opportunities that they present. Customer experience done right, orchestrated end to end, is one of the biggest competitive assets in a world where customer patience is low. So let’s get it off the ground! You may have seen that here at Avaya we just announced further enhancements to our Customer Experience Management solutions . New technologies are becoming available to help address your business challenges – like the ones we are announcing here – and we are seeing companies tailoring their business strategies to create a holistic, orchestrated, intelligent customer experience at any touchpoint – the store, the app, at home via video or web, in response to a tweet, and yes, of course, on a phone call.

Businesses across the globe have been asking for more insight, trying to figure out how to adopt these innovative technologies, and by the way, can we make it simple? Streamlined? Integrated? Intelligent? Yes, WE can!


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