UC3 Vendors — 11 September 2012
Being the Jedi Master - Taking Control of Managed Services
Much like facing the dark lord Darth Vader, taking on today’s IT environments can be…

Businesses are facing greater challenges and seemingly managing their environments with little help. But in reality, they’re working smart, proactively seeking the right help and the right provider. Not only are they developing skills for managing their environments, they’re also honing skills for engaging outside providers that help support those environments. They’re using the force.

Historically, when looking for a service provider, people looked to the largest global Tier I players. But now, it’s about specialized skills. This raises a myriad of questions- – how do you go about assessing which provider has the best set of skills that are most valuable for your communication needs? And, which communication needs are the most critical? Is it your call center, your mobility needs, unique applications or perhaps a blend of everything?

As George Humphrey, Avaya Director of Managed Services, talked about on our InformationWeek & Avaya Webcast - when you have so many vendors and applications – can you use a single service provider to handle all of those vendors? Is one enough or is two too many? Coordinating between multiple vendors and service providers can be a nightmare.

IT managers face multiple hurdles: are you turning over too much control to a provider, how are you mitigating your risks, what about project expense management?? The daunting questions and pressures don’t seem to subside. Well, that’s actually fairly normal and we’ve come to expect these challenges. The key is not to let things spin out of control.

I’m recommending that you become the “master of your communications domain”. You can’t stop the onslaught of BYOD (bring your own device) or the need to integrate new applications. Check out what George Humphrey has to say in a new thought leadership video postcard

This hot topic is also discussed within our white paper “Five Keys to Mastering Today’s Communications Domain“.

Are you ready to fight the Darth Vaders in your environment? Take control – and may the force be with you.

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Read more: http://www.avaya.com/blogs/archives/2012/07/being-the-jedi-master—taking-control-of-managed-services.html

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